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Welcome to Dance Movement Academy and K-Bay Gymnastics…We offer classes in Dance: Ballet, Tap, jazz, Hip Hop, Acro-Jazz Lyrical and Dance for Focus….in Gymnastics: Recreational, Tumbling & Birthday Party for Boys and Girls, Competitive USAG Jr. Olympics Women's Program Compulsory and Optional Levels

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Are you looking for an exciting career in teaching dance, gymnastics, or cheer? At Dance Movement Academy & K-Bay Gymnastics, one person can make a big impact. We value customer service, teamwork, and fun. If you are interested in joining the team please inquire within or click here for the current job openings.  

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Dance Movement Academy & K-Bay Gymnastics is blessed to have qualified instructors that assist in teaching classes with high standards of technique, discipline and artistic form. DMA & KBG's passion for dance, quality in instruction, and dedication to her students, has inspired many children and adults to continue in the field of performing arts, including teaching dance even after they leave Hawaii.

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Allison Sheppard, Dance Instructor, Gymnastics Coach and Special Needs Specialist
Allison has been teaching and coaching with Dance Movement Academy and K-Bay Gymnastics for the past ten years. Allison's passion, self-motivation and natural knack for goal setting, lead her to grow and develop her career at a young age in education. 
  She is experienced in various styles of Contemporary Dance, Movement for Special Needs and Tumbling. Allison is an ABA therapist and she leads her company Understanding Behavior
Dance Movement Academy is honored to have Allison aboard since 2008! 

Started gymnastics at age 6 at Hawaiian Island Twisters and stayed there for seven years competing in USAG compulsory and optional levels. In high school she devoted her time to the varsity sideline and competitive cheer team for Kalaheo High School and for Cheer 808 All Star. At the High School senior year she was team’s captain. She also was in he OIA 2nd team All State and UCA All American Cheerleader. Jori coached recreation classes and team for K-Bay Gymnastics for 2 years prior to attend the UNLV where she became a Division I cheerleader for all four years. While attending UNLV, she coached for youth cheerleading. During her senior year she was rewarded NCA All American and also team captain. She graduated in 2014 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology. Jori says: “I am a very compassionate and competitive person who looks forward to using my knowledge and experience to helping others 
Jorilyn Gorgonio, Gymnastics Coach
Tina Matteo, Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics has been a part of my life since about age 7. My skills quickly advanced and competitions were many throughout my younger years. When I stopped competitive gymnastics, I went into coaching at a local YMCA and I occasionally judged gymnastics meets. Though my days as an active gymnast ended, I continued to WOW my adult friends with flips on the beach and walking across their living room floors on my hands. So gymnastics has never left my heart or soul. My vision about gymnastics and coaching is to provide a positive atmosphere to allow children to have fun while learning. I will help them to recognize, learn, and achieve unique and inspiring experience. I strive to provide a positive atmosphere that enables children to improve their health, their movement, and have an all around fun and safe gymnastics experience. Working at K-Bay is a way for me to be directly involved in children’s health. I am a pediatric nurse and see far too many children who need to find a safe and healthy way to improve their overall well-being. Gymnastics is an excellent outlet that can help children engage in an activity that involves not only their physical health, but also their emotional health. 

Kelsey Garza, Dance Coach
At three years old I started my dance journey with ballet. I later added tap and jazz into the mix. I danced until I graduated high school at 18. I danced with Ballet Arts of Peru for the entire 15 years. Since I've graduated high school in 2009 I have felt a void since I was no longer dancing after it had become such a large part of my life. My family and I moved to Hawaii in 2016, and I quickly noticed Dance Movement Academy, which I enrolled my daughter in immediately, hoping she would find the same love for dance as I have. As I watched my daughter dance, I decided I would love to become a part of Dance Movement Academy as well. I have been given this great opportunity to teach children the art of ballet and tap in hopes that they will learn to love it with a passion. I love working with kids and watching them and their personalities grow. I also teach a group of three-year old children, bible study at the chapel here on base.   Working with children has always been a dream of mine. I am so blessed and grateful for the opportunity to work with Di Rodin at Dance Movement Academy.  

Jubilee Duenas- National USA Gymnast for 4 years!
My husband and I have recently moved onto base and are finally all settled in. I noticed K-Bay Gymnastics as I was passing by on base and I got really excited! 
My parents (Phil and Lynette Sappington) own Flight School Gymnastics Center in Hillsboro, Oregon, where I competed for them and then began coaching after I graduated high school in 2012. I was a level 10 for 4 years, went to US nationals all 4 years. 

Then after I was done competing I took over the Level 4-5 team, Pre Team little ones, taught Recreational Classes, Beginning-Advanced, and also taught Preschool Gymnastics. In 2015 I moved to Washington with my husband and work as a nanny since there were no gyms close by. K-Bay Gymnastics welcomes Jubi onboard with our Staff-Team, under Di Rodin, to expand the growth and strength of our gymnastics program!

Kori Melvin, Gymnastics Coach
"The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel once you achieve it."
My passion for gymnastics started early in life; practicing tricks in the backyard with my brothers and neighborhood friends. It wasn’t until I was 8 years old that I started training at a gym. In junior high school, I started competing and fortunately made the varsity team my freshman year as an all-around gymnast. During my junior and senior years, I volunteered as a gymnastics instructor for summer camp; I fell more in love with the sport and started coaching gymnastics shortly after graduating high school. For nearly five years, I coached developmental, compulsory, and optional levels. Gymnastics encouraged me to explore my strengths and weaknesses and provided me with lifelong skills such as performing at my personal best, dealing with adversity and enthusiasm for physical activity. I am excited to share my knowledge and experience to instill confidence and problem solving skills in a fun, safe and supportive environment. My educational background is in Graphic Communications. I am also a USA Gymnastics Instructor, Combat Life Saver, and CPR qualified. Currently, I am pursuing a Junior Olympic Developmental Coach certification.

Robbi Kuester, Dance Coach
 I am a devoted Navy spouse, mother, coach and mentor. I believe in working hard and supporting your children to be their very best selves. For several years, I danced at the Ballet workshop, took gymnastics classes, and was a member of several competitive cheer squads. As I got older, I began experimenting with other sports including, soccer, wrestling, judo, softball, and swimming. But my true passion became clear when I discovered water polo. I played all through high school and two years in college. When my schooling was over, I played with a local masters team. Through the masters program, I was given the opportunity to coach at a local high school. After the second year, we expanded our summer program to include elementary and middle school competitors. Coaching has come to be a most treasured and rewarding experience. I truly enjoy watching children and young adults find their strengths, foster their dreams, and grow into resilient, well round people.

She is a graduate, with a BA in Psychology, from the University of San Francisco in California. Emily has worked with children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, Moderate – Severe as a paraprofessional.
Once working with kids, Emily fell in love with what she was doing! Emily has developed a method where she started with one of the kids, to prosper in a mainstreamed gymnastics program, by modifying the curriculum along with the coaches, to help the kid do all of the activities the kids in his class and age group were able to do. Emily has trained in gymnastics for 16 years at Kokokahi under Bruce Burns and Suzie Gamble. While in the team, during Middle School, she started coaching and continued to coach until graduation. “With a variety of experience from Mommy and Me to coaching team, I truly fell in love with the kids and being able to spread the happiness and excitement that gymnastics has given me”- says Emily. "I’m in the process of pursuing my goals of becoming an Occupational Therapist for children with special needs." K-Bay Gymnastics is blessed to have Emily join our Staff!

Emily Bogden, Gymnastics Coach

Abigail Young, Gymnastics Coach
Abigail received her gymnastics training at Chalkboard Gymnastics in Parker, Colorado. In High School she competed in gymnastics and cheerleading, became a member of the Cheer Central Sun and helped coach upcoming cheerleaders.  Aside from competitions, Abby has 9 years of babysitting experience, which enhances her fluid coaching skills for children. Abbys says: “I’ve always loved kids. I love helping them learn and grow as young athletes. Being able to help kids accomplish goals, stay in shape, be happy and healthy is something irreplaceable. To be able to have the opportunity to help young gymnasts grow would truly be not only fun but a great experience.”

Alexia Ryan, Gymnastics Coach
The many challenges that I have encountered over the course of my life have tested my fortitude. The response I developed over the years was one of a strength, purpose, and action. As a proud member of the Marine Corps, I depend on inner fortitude to propel me through the obstacles put before me; both figuratively and literally. As a child I developed my mental toughness and fighting spirit by participating in gymnastics. I loved how much it pushed me to be better and stronger, every day a new challenge, and every day a new accomplishment. I covet what gymnastics did for me as a child; today I strive to give the youth present at K-Bay Gymnastics the same opportunity; to open their eyes to the world of gymnastics.  

 One of the cornerstones of my life philosophy is commitment. I make it a priority to put time into the things that I am passionate about. I have done so with cheerleading, track, cross country, and the Marine Corps.

 I don't have much experience with jobs other than the Marine Corps. I do however believe that no other job could have better prepared me for life. Throughout the challenges in my life, I have learned that there is nothing you can do except learn and grow from them. I believe strength can conquer all. I intend on instilling the same inner fortitude that I developed through gymnastics into every student I encounter here at K-Bay Gymnastics.